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I can’t believe it…

I solved a sliding puzzle…


Yay me!

Ok Nick, what the hell is going on?


First all that bullshit behind the scenes with season 2 is one thing but this is just worse. Declining ratings probably happened because you have been so weird about this show and not caring about this show since the start of it. What the hell is in it that makes you wanna shove it out the door so fast and then even pull it off of tv?? You don’t normally do this unless you wanna hide something. I have some guesses but nothing that I can say for sure. Maybe Korrasami did become canon and you didn’t want gay or maybe it was too violent, maybe rocks fall and everyone dies but what?? What the flying hell are you going to say to the folks at Comic Con?? Also way to pee on representation here, chucking the show that starred a dark skinned girl with asian influences for a talking sponge show is realllllllllyyyyyy badddddd you stupid idiots. I know you probs weren’t thinking of that nor realized how bad that is but you fucked it now. Even though you did order season 4 now I’m worried we won’t get it or you’ll just dump it on the internet half finished. Fucking hell man. Really wanna see how you’ll justify this at fucking comic con. No really. Good fucking luck.  >8/

I’ve seen this happen recently. Winx Club went through the same thing. First Nick makes a partnership with Rainbow Rai and “supposedly” was meant to air on their network. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut, after a while during season six, episodes didn’t air and instead went to their webpage without notice. I know Winx Club isn’t as grand as Korra, but this isn’t the first that Nick has pulled this bullshit. Not just that, but since Nick’s influencing the marketing of Winx Club, the show has dropped DRAMATICALLY in quality. What once was a decent girl’s show that taught its audience to believe in themselves and their abilities is slowly turning into a shallow shell that’s being taken by poor writing and superficial crap. I’m hoping that Korra can at least keep its dignity and not morph into something that destroys its formal self.  


So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.

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callmeashy replied to your post“*sighs*”
I don’t know what happened but I hope things turn out for the better <3
Aw, thank you for that <3
I’m alright, it’s just something that I’ve been bottling up for quite some time and it just surfaced today. Nothing I can really do to fix the situation but time will heal what’s been broken. Gotta think positive!



I finished animating Beowulf’s idle for Skullgirls!

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Have you been to the Fatal Frame 5 official site at midnight?


finally got around to finishing this! Filia and Samson enjoying a sundae



princess in tux


What if we...fought the monster instead of feeding it?