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i like to imagine that sleeping arrangements in these hotels visits got progressively more interesting


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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U
Mario with third-party characters

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Sometimes the greatest sarcasm is wasted. 

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To anyone here, who has an acount on “That Guy With The Glasses”, I have a dire request to you:


It’s true, I guess, but I really like the producers on Channel Awesome and want them to feel that people really  care switch on their brains when watching their videos, I want them to feel rewarded… *sigh*

Plus, I especially want them to feel rewarded when they cover topics I like, because it can’t be very encouraging to only get hater responses when you speak about something you’re passionate about. 

You’re right, though… I’m probably gonna terminate my account. >_>

Before you terminate it, tell the uploaded what you told me. I’m sure it’ll be very much appreciated. That way you can leave with peace in mind and things can be left with good intentions. *hugs* 

My room is filled with poison and my skin kinda burns from it. I hope it’s not potent enough to make me faint, the smell is starting to get to me. 

To anyone here, who has an acount on “That Guy With The Glasses”, I have a dire request to you:



This is one of the few times a Persona-themed video has been uploaded on the site, and, of course, immediately “fans” have started spitting all over the critic’s opinion and well articulated review by spewing Marie hate, using baseless conjunctions and terminology such as “Mary Sue” and comparing P4G to Twilight.

I have been trying to rationally dispute these comments, but if it’s just me VS three haters, it makes it look like I’m the crazy person, doesn’t it? Even worse, reading the comments of these people, I get riled up as well, which greatly impairs the quality of my own comments, so I will need to pull out there before I descend onto their level. So I have no other choice than to ask of you:

Even if you dislike P4GA, I would like you to add some well articulated, critical comments without the use of baseless hate or feeling the need to spout terms like “Mary Sue” or compare one of the best written games in recent times to the worst piece of literature in recent times. Please, just add some good, nicely written comments that will make the author of the video feel that it wasn’t a mistake to cover P4GA.

It is so rare any Channel Awesome reviewers take a look at the Persona Games, and they really deserve to have better parts of their fanbase represent them, than the mindless haters.

Even if you dislike Marie, that’s OK too, I just want some more critical and analytic comments (which actually viewed the video and take it into account!) on there, instead of the endless same Anti-Marie/Anti-P4GA paroles.

Thank you 

Neni, it’s never a good thing to argue with the schmucks on Channel Awesome. They’re worse than tumblr! Notice how that one person called you “pretentious” but failed to actually listen to what you had to say? They’re not worth your time. That’s why I don’t even bother making an account because most of the time you’ll run into people like that. I applaud you for stating the truth though, the Western fanbase is really irritating. 

cardcaptor sakura gif challenge

favorite opening sequence

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watcha got there

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Song: Cry: cat talk




Yeah I didn’t understan either…

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Vella~!  ヽ( ★ω★)ノ